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Denver Botanical Garden

On our way back across the country Heather and I stopped in Denver, CO to see Sam! He showed us a great time. We hit the town, looked for a missing dog for a while, heard that someone else had found the dog, and we went to a botanical garden and took nature pictures! The photo of the wooden gate was taken while Sam was given the opening pitch of a pyramid scheme by a married couple who were profiling us!

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Lake Bled, Slovania

Coming from Croatia we visited Lake Bled, which is a neat little lake with a tiny little island with a church on it. Very picturesque. We learned during our stay that Heather cannot row to save her life or mine so if you’re ever drowning, have her swim out to save you; she’ll never get to you by rowboat. You can hike all the way around the lake, and then trails also lead up to lookouts. In the pictures looking down where you can see the castle we hiked up a trail off the main path. In the pictures looking down where you can’t see the castle, we’re in the castle.

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Jain Temple Between Udaiper and India

On the way to Udaiper from Pushkar in India we stopped at an amazing Jain Temple. The temple had a gajillion pillars all of which were carved completely differently and the craziest ornate ceilings. The only temple we saw that was comparable in India was the Akshardham Temple in New Delhi but to go to that one you have to forfeit your camera at the door.

After the temple our driver stopped at a picturesque spot that was the first green we’d seen in a long time, it was wild how relaxing it was just to see that color.

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Dubrovnik is King’s Landing.

After Albania we headed to Dubrovnik, Croatia where they film a lot of the King’s Landing scenes for Game Of Thrones. My pictures looking down on buildings are taken from a walk around the walls that surround old town. From one wall you can see the wall on the opposite side- it’s a pretty small old town. From some of those pictures you can see an island off the coast. We went to that island, which is full of Peacocks and Rabbits, all semi-domesticated! So Heather and I bought a bunch of lettuce and bananas (we have a bunny, bunnies love bananas.) and headed out.

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